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Optimising for IRC

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Optimising for IRC

I have recently bought an old FC8 from Wales. I'm living in Ireland and hope to race it in Cork in the coming summer. It has been out of the water for ten years or so, last used in the three peaks race. I'm hoping to optimise it for IRC racing in class 3 which means getting the IRC handicap down to under 0.909.
I have being doing some research on the net and found very little info. As far as I'm aware there was a short rig and a tall rig version, I have the tall rig. I have played around with some ideas such as reducing the jib size, shortening the mast, taking off the runners and moving back the chainplates, reducing spinnaker size. The season is getting closer quickly which means I have to make some decisions soon!
I was wondering if anyone could help me in anyway with their experience or experience of others you may know of.