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First 18 lifting keel

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First 18 lifting keel

The keel on my First 18 has failed completely. Whilst winding it up something broke and the keel dropped back down with a thud. I thought that the lifting rod had broken but upon inspection the part of the cast iron keel where the eye is drilled through to attach the rod has broken off. This appears to be due to corrosion. The boat is 33 years old so the keel has had plenty of time to rust away. The problem is to achieve a permanent fix. We're thinking that removing the keel completely and then having it cleaned and then cast iron welded to replace the corroded part. Has anybody had any experience of this type of repair? The boat is based in North Norfolk and I'm not getting very far with the repair at the moment. Is anybody aware of any of any companies in the east of England that I may approach to carry out a job like this. Thank you.