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B36cc hydraulic steering issue

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B36cc hydraulic steering issue

I have a 2001 B36cc with hydraulic steering linked to the B&G networked auto pilot. Whilst conducting checks through the boat I found in the bottom of the steering gear compartment a small quantity of straw coloured liquid. To the feel it’s oil and not water fresh or salt. I suspect there’s a leak within the hydraulic system and further examination revealed that there is a slight leak from one of the seals of the cylinder ram.
I have no details of what the model is of the hydraulic system and no indication of the right hydraulic oil needed to top up. Can any Beneteau owner assist with this information.
Also, I understand that the reservoir for the system is within the steering pedestal under the compass and the B&G network display heads, adjacent to the pump. I have not gone as far as checking the reservoir but will do so.
Lastly, can anyone recommend a reliable marine engineer who is able to fix the seal/leak and service the system, bleeding it as necessary. I’m not an engineer and this needs to rectified professionally.
Incidentally the boat is berthed in Chatham MDL.