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Unpleasant smell

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Unpleasant smell

Hi all,

Mine is a 2003 Oceanis 411 Celebration. I am experiencing a long lasting odour which is proving difficult to pinpoint. The smell is like a BO odour, and moves about a little, sometimes present and sometimes gone. It is always gone after a sail, but returns within a day. It is present only in the forward cabin and saloon, never in the forward head or the aft cabins. It is usually more concentrated in the forward cabin.

By elimination, it is not the soft furnishings.
I have a suspicion that the void below the forward heads in the problem, as it appears to be unable to drain.
The shower drain became loose and the void filled with shower water.

Questions are:
Has anyone else experience of this and found the source?
Should the void under the forward head drain back to the bilges?
Does the forward water tank use the entire starboard side bilge area or can drained fluid become trapped in or around it?

Thanks so much,
Is there any way to access the void under the forward heads to clean it?