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Well 18 months of ownership and its still fun, we keep her in Poole on a pile mooring but prefer a swing hate marinas

So Voyageur of Hamble a year 2000 built 411 clipper [Short Keel]

having only owned 2 yachts and still do! I can only say she is amazing solid reliable and reassuring when things get tight

We are the third owners and the boat was previously called Roxwell by the first owner
The second owner loved her and was hoping to retire and sail her but .... life decided to be cruel and he was taken ill on one of his trips out and died on the IofW after being lifted off unwell
I received all the manuals! And have they been handy! 18 months later and I am still reading them avidly and finding new things to play with
or look after
Owning a 41 ft and so many inches Yacht is a full time play thing from cleaning to maintenance and never seem to catch up in either department but come close!sometimes
ropes engines generator fridge sails pumps and a mass of charging running and systems to monitor and update from radar to GPS to ais to navtex radio is still making me wince its a duel system that does everything even side band valves cleaning pots leaks yes leaks round the mast and now the seawater pump leaks more than I would like so strip and rebuild
Right lets start from the bottom! Voyageur had an eroding anti fouling paint that had worn out she was on the hard so time to take action,I thought I had been cleaver and copper coated her bottom, Have I, did it work! Well yes and no, we have no weed but a slime after 18 months of living in the brackish waters of Holes bay in Poole harbour I carry my full dive equipment on board and dived her twice and all seems ok ! I say this with reservation as my old boat a 30 ft racing boat is moored next to her and is growing green stuff and has to be wiped and cleaned often in the summer months So Copper coat so far works! cost was with DIY it about a £1,100 for copper coat and shotblasting the hull to get the old antifoul off! Good Investment? Yes I think so.
We have a 3 blade folding prop and it works and a rope cutter fitted.
So up the hull Its Blue !!!!!!!! that is a love hate relationship I hate polishing it but love the look when clean and if and when it's clean! never ends its greatR
rudder is a long spade and checked the bearings and found a little movement when on the hard, but as all owners worry something is wrong always and checking it is not. steering feels a bit heavy in comparison to others but i'm told its the system that my 411 has and it is normal p.a.s steering mmmmmm well it works
Anchor has never worked in 18 months but we are getting close lol trust me! the motor works its something to do with the switch gear I will find it as im fed up with handing up the anchor !

O yes the speed log you have to lift the floor boards in our bedroom every trip clean the log out tooth brush and WD40 works for me! tell me a better way ?

Next time electrics filters water tanks and generators
beds mildew marks in the curtains toilet cleaning and marks in the wood